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Political books

Postby Zarniwoop » Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:03 pm

So we have a what are you reading thread in off topic, I thought I’d create one here as well where we can discuss what we are reading beyond the ridiculous MSM headlines. We can also list books that helped form our own political philosophies and give recommendations.


I’ll start with a book I’m currently reading...about a third of the way through it

Arthur Ekirch

The Decline of American Liberalism

A couple summaries of it:

From the Revolutionary War and World Wars I and II to the Great Depression and civil rights battles, this chronicle takes a historical look at how principles such as individual liberty and democratic rule have weathered the last few centuries. The growth of state empowerment and its effect on autonomy and the economy is also discussed.

Ekirch traces the history of the liberal idea in the United States from the founding through World War II. He places the high point of true liberalism in the years immediately following the American Revolution, before the federal government began its long march of ever more centralized control over the country. And he shows how this shift has negatively impacted everything from global peace to the economy to individual autonomy.
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