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Postby The Outsider » Sat Jun 02, 2018 1:14 pm

Cheb wrote:
Ken Carson wrote:
Any thoughts on the current direction of Tesla? Would be really interested in your take.

I've often thought that eventually Musk's habitual overpromising was going to bite him in the ass, maybe not to the point of financial ruin and industrial catastrophe, but definitely enough to knock him off his golden boy perch. From what my buddies who work there say and from what I glean from the news, you're starting to see the rumblings of that now.

That said, I'm not selling my stock just yet.

I hope he doesn't **** things up too badly. Tesla is doing so many important things in the battery development side of things. For me their vehicle branch is almost irrelevant, it's all just a vector for improving energy storage technology.
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