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***OFFICIAL 2017 U.S. Total Solar Eclipse Thread!***

Mon Aug 14, 2017 1:40 am

Hi, Buccaneers fans! After our Buccaneers host any play the Jacksonville Jaguars at Ray Jay Thursday Night, a total solar eclipse will arrive in the contiguous US one week on Next Monday, August 21. The natural major phenomenon will pass from northwest through southeast, from the Pacific Northwest in Washington State and Oregon, through Denver, and to the Southeast USA.

Closest the Total solar eclipse will approach and be near Tampa is at Northern Georgia. The moon is expected to sun the sun, and darken especially the cities of Atlanta, Augusta, and Savannah, Georgia. the TSE will likely get worldwide and international media attention (CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, etc.) and the phenomenon is an astronomers delight.

Wish everyone in Tampa Bay the opportunity to safely 'see' the total solar eclipse using special 'sun' glasses, looking away from the sun.

We all here in the USA definitely await when the Total Solar Eclipse arrives on August 21, 2017! ;) :) 8-) :P :D :D :D


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