Apparently Florida St was not actually bowl eligible

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Apparently Florida St was not actually bowl eligible

Postby Nano » Fri Dec 22, 2017 12:04 am

Because of “monumental” oversight FSU did not meet NCAA requirement for bowl eligibility, but will still play in @IndyBowl. “This should have been caught at 3 levels: FSU, ACC & NCAA,” a source said. “But it’s too late now” 1st reported by @RedditCFB

Reddit explanation

In short, in order for FCS teams to be counted towards an FBS teams bowl eligibility record, they must have awarded 90% of the scholarship limit. Delaware St did not, and as such, their game against FSU shouldn't be counted. With a 5-6 eligibility record, 3 other teams should've been selected over FSU for a bowl game.
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Re: Apparently Florida St was not actually bowl eligible

Postby PrimeMinister » Fri Dec 22, 2017 2:05 am

I’m sure this was a minor oversight. The Indybowl would have preferred a lesser known school who truly deserved the bid.
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Re: Apparently Florida St was not actually bowl eligible

Postby EastBayBucsFan » Sat Dec 23, 2017 2:55 pm

By Matt Bonesteel, The Washington Post

Earlier this week, a Reddit user presented credible evidence that Florida State should not have been eligible to play in next week’s Independence Bowl against Southern Mississippi. The Redditor, who goes by “bakonydraco,” claimed that the Seminoles’ regular season win over Delaware State should not have counted toward the six wins needed for bowl eligibility because the Football Championship Subdivision program did not use at least 90 percent of its scholarship allotments over a two-year period, which is required under NCAA bowl-eligibility rules.

But on Friday, Florida State released a statement that said Delaware State indeed met the NCAA’s bowl requirements because the FCS program gave its players both athletic and non-athletic aid.

“Florida State has received confirmation from Delaware State that the 90 percent requirement is satisfied for the 2017 season, allowing the victory to be used in determining bowl eligibility,” the school said, per the Associated Press. “Media reports suggesting otherwise failed to account for a long-standing NCAA rules interpretation that permits institutions to use academic scholarships and other forms of non-athletics institutional aid received by student-athletes in the computation of this requirement. These media reports represent incomplete information, as they only reflect athletics scholarships received.”

It was pretty much a moot point, as neither Florida State, the NCAA nor the Independence Bowl had shown any signs that they planned on keeping the Seminoles out of the game.

As the AP points out, contracts between Football Bowl Subdivision and FCS programs for regular season games usually stipulate that the FCS program meet the bowl-eligibility requirement. But it usually is more of a good-faith agreement, and FBS programs rarely check that their FCS opponents actually are in compliance.

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Re: Apparently Florida St was not actually bowl eligible

Postby Kress » Sat Dec 23, 2017 6:34 pm

Matt Bonesteel. Great name. If it was something like Luther Bonesteel....
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