40 days before Philly

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Re: 40 days before Philly

Postby mdb1958 » Tue Apr 25, 2017 4:55 pm

Stranger named Jerry: Dont worry JC I have the finest legal boys in the nation, just sign here and I'll make it all go away.
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Re: 40 days before Philly

Postby mdb1958 » Tue Apr 25, 2017 4:56 pm

Oh Yeah ---------------------------------- "MUHAHAHAHAHA!"
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Re: 40 days before Philly

Postby Doctor » Wed Apr 26, 2017 12:20 am

Mountaineer Buc wrote:
Doctor wrote: If I'm OBP I'm on the phone right now with the best PI in the that area. Also offer him a nice bonus he can earn if he correctly predicts if the charges will stick or be dropped. Guy better start digging.

"Yes, this is Jim-bob the PI. I have my report here for you."

GM Doc: "Well, what does it say?"

JB: "There's a small matter of payment."

GM Doc: "Okay, FINE! Here's your check."

JB: "And here's your report. Pleasure doing business with you."

REPORT: "I'm not sure. It depends on the prosecutor. Call it 50/50."

JB: (Driving away with the check) "MUHAHAHAHAHA!"

PI's have reputations to keep. You still would pay him for the "report" at his usual rate. You would just also include a nice added bonus as a nice incentive to be VERY VERY thorough and accurate in his report for his own interests. Bonus obviously wouldn't be handed out until after he's charged or charges are dropped. Duh.
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Re: 40 days before Philly

Postby Alpha » Wed Apr 26, 2017 12:24 am

Cheb wrote:
Alpha wrote:
We have a major need. This year.

Safety and CB. This year.

In fact...in some other fishing thread...the question was, "who do you trade UP for"?

I'd trade our 1st for Richard Sherman. I'd take a PROVEN 29 year old over ANY rookie/draft prospect.



No difference there... :roll:
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Re: 40 days before Philly

Postby mdb1958 » Sun May 07, 2017 6:32 am

Cheb wrote:I watched both of the Grover Stewart games available, and I can see why mdb is excited. He's big, he's strong, and he moves well for a man his size.

However, he isn't a good defensive lineman. He can't handfight, he plays with iffy leverage, sucks versus a double team, questionable pursuit effort. What he does have is a dynamite bullrush. He can move people, that's for sure. But as a nosetackle, he is very one-dimensional, even if that dimension is pretty good.

You know, the differences between a bullrush and a drive block are largely academic. If the Bucs drafted him, I would think long and hard about moving him over to offense and see how he does at guard. With his strength and physical attributes, he could be something special if he gets his technique down.

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Tony Pauline
Draft Analyst Writer Share
Two small-school defenders who have been mentioned numerous times here at Draft Analyst -- Grover Stewart of Albany State and Eastern Washington’s Samson Ebukam -- continue to receive a lot of attention in the lead-up to the draft. Here’s the latest.

It looks as though the final number for Grover Stewart will be 24; there have been 24 requests from NFL teams to either work him out or fly him in for an official visit.

To date we know of no other player with a number equal to Stewart’s.

The schedule has been so hectic that Stewart was able to accommodate just 20 of those requests, leaving teams such as the New York Jets and New York Giants -- who wanted to make him one of their 30 official visits -- out in the cold.

This week Stewart is visiting the Detroit Lions, Los Angeles Chargers and Seattle Seahawks.

Teams have been impressed with the strides the big defensive tackle has made since the end of the season. In our scouting report on Stewart, which will be posted in the coming days, we criticize him for playing tall and losing leverage on opponents. I’m told he’s been working with former NFL lineman Fred Robbins and that Stewart’s technique is light years ahead of where it was just four months ago.

Where will Stewart end up in the draft? We presently grade him as a fourth-round prospect, and in our most recent mock draft we have the Minnesota Vikings selecting him during that round. I’m told the combination of interest in Stewart being off the charts coupled with a weak defensive tackle class could push him into the third.

Not too shabby for a prospect who scouts thought would be lucky to receive an invitation to try out for a camp spot when the season started.
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