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Re: TNF: Colts @ Pats

Postby Mex-Buc » Fri Oct 05, 2018 12:53 pm

Patrick McIrish wrote:
Mex-Buc wrote:
I think the Pats put up 30+ pts tonight and win easily.

Well done.

It's a funny thing with gamblers, they will lay 10 points all day long.....

Make it 10- (10.5) and they stay away in droves, LOL.


Yeah, but Luck has been playing lights out the last 2 second halves.

He was putting the ball on the money, but they had a lot of drops or tipped passes turned into INT's.

I think he's back to his old form, unfortunately they will not be able to make the playoffs, that division is way too hard.
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Re: TNF: Colts @ Pats

Postby Caradoc » Sat Oct 06, 2018 6:48 pm

Cheb wrote:
MJW wrote:I predict that within the next ten years we're going to see new rules. Sacks will now be "in the grasp" the way they are in practice. Hitting the quarterback in any but the most incedental fashion will be treated the same way hitting the kicker or punter is treated - instant penalty. And we're going to see 7,000 yard passing seasons and running backs leading the league with 800 yard seasons. It's going to be the Arena League.

It's been sliding this way for years, and I don't anticipate it changing its trajectory anytime soon.

It will change as soon as the ratings (aka revenue) drops. But by then it will be too late
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