2017 NFL Head Coach Hot Seat

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Re: 2017 NFL Head Coach Hot Seat

Postby BayAreaBucFan25 » Fri Jan 05, 2018 3:04 am

KiffininCanton wrote:
Nano wrote:We do too many reaction hires.


Raheem was a reaction to Tomlin's success

Schiano was a reaction to Harbaugh's success

Dirk was a reaction to the Dolphins showing interest and possibly losing continuity with Winston

I have no idea how the Glazers have the money they have, they remind me of the type of people who were loading up on .com stock in 1999 and investing heavily in housing in 2006

My mind immediately jumped to the housing movie that came out two years ago with Christian Bale, the name is escaping me but it reminded me of when the two kids where in Vegas shooting guns with the bankers and wanted to talk about the market and they just wanted to shoot "these guys are idiots" haha
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Re: 2017 NFL Head Coach Hot Seat

Postby MJW » Fri Jan 05, 2018 7:37 am

KiffininCanton wrote:
MJW wrote:
It's still stupid, and Schiano still should have gotten another year with Glennon and Revis.


get rid of Bill "lets play Revis in zone coverage" Sheridan and not have to deal with MRSA distraction and I'm interested to see what a 3rd Schiano year looks like.

Definitely more appealing than bringing in a guy who said he was excited about taking the job because it means him and his wife could shop at Publix again.

Also it would have meant Glennon got a real year after learning the ropes as a rookie, and no Freeman stink over the franchise. It could have worked out. Schiano is probably why Koetter's going to get a 3rd year.
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