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Re: Week 9 Discussion

Postby Jason Bourne » Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:51 pm

Wow how does KC score that TD with Hill , amazing
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Re: Week 9 Discussion

Postby Sammich » Sun Nov 05, 2017 6:17 pm

Caradoc wrote:
PrimeMinister wrote:
The fact that Kaep clearly explained repeatedly over a year what he was protesting means if you don’t know why people are kneeling it’s intentional. Feel free to blame the media as well, but this one isn’t on players.

Also even after explaining why he first SAT during the anthem Kaep was told by a Marine that kneeling was more respectful and he did that. Even after this people were angry. Even after explaining exactly why he knelt no one cared to discuss the reason, but just wanted to be angry about the action. This proves you’re wrong. People angry about these protest aren’t lacking information...they just don’t give a damn about the cause.

People know "why" he says he's kneeling. That doesn't make it any less insulting. Something tells me the people supporting this "protest" wouldn't be as supportive of a guy walking into a mosque saying "I'm only protesting ISIS" and burning a Koran.

You disrespect a symbol you disrespect it to all who hold it dear. Whether protesting "police genocide of blacks" at the flag, "pedophile priests" at a cross, "terrorism" at a Koran, "Zionism"at the Israeli flag, whatever. It's got nothing to do with "because I say so", it's just how symbols work. The symbol is bigger than the target of your protest.

Exactly. Peaceful protest is a right given to everyone who lives under the US flag (ironic, right?). But if you want your protest to be effective you must 1-not alienate the people you want to hear you and 2- make sure your message is clear.

Disrespecting the flag and anthem is alienating the hell out of a lot of people and while the message may be clear to some, it isn't clear to everyone. Perhaps because they are so alienated they refuse to listen.
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