Bucs at home, Panthers LOSE, Saints play Falcons, so...

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Bucs at home, Panthers LOSE, Saints play Falcons, so...

Postby DanTurksGhost » Sun Sep 25, 2016 8:03 pm

The Bucs LOSE, of course. Saw it coming all the way down Main Street. I even said so in the predict the score thread. I'm not proud that it played out the way I had feared it would, I'm really not. But what I really am right now is HOT. Really, really hot. This team had a chance to keep a step ahead, and they BLEW it... badly. It's so very frustrating. Usually I remain calm and composed as much as I possibly can, but I nearly threw my remote at the TV today.

I'm stuck at home with the walking pneumonia, so I actually gave away my club ticket to someone who has never been to a game. While I'm happy they got a chance to go, I really, really regret the fact that the kid had to watch this crappy performance.
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